Asscher is a Cut Above

The asscher cut diamond is one of the rare types of precious stone that has a long history than spans over 100 years. This adds a real touch of class to the company and the beauty that it continues to produce at the top end of this high class industry.

The Asscher cut was developed nearly in the early part of the 20th century by the Asscher family. Closer to the modrn period it has been refined and updated to incorporate new technology and design to keep it fresh and sought after.


It is not surprising that asscher cut engagement rings are amongst the most popular on the market. So much so that they regularly attract A list celebrities who are more than happy to show off their exquisite jewellery. The publicity of having a popular celebrity wear your diamond is always great but the asscher cut has plenty more to offer than endoresements from the rich and famous.

The age of the company and this particular cut of diamond means that asscher have the enviable ability to offer both vintage and classic types of diamonds to their customers. The resurgence of vintage fashion and in particular costume type jewellery means that the market is attracted to the brilliance of this precious stone.

The particular qualities of the stone include an increased number of facets that allow for increased brilliance and shine. The art deco feel of the earlier cut has been updated for a more discerning present market and has regained it’s popularity. The newest cut has been enhanced heavily by utilising computer modeling and simulation to ensure that the diamond is perfectly symmetrical.

The Royal Asscher name will always have a special place in the annuls of diamond production history and you can be sure that the purchase of an asscher cut diamond – a cut that is protected by a world wide patent – will deliver a guarantee of excellence.



Handmade Frames

Homemade Frames from Real Wood

You’d be hard pressed to go into any home and not find a photo frame. They are quite rightly a great way to proudly display family memories, treasures, certificates and achievements. But in most of these homes that you enter the majority of the picture frames will be mass produced, poor quality frames that are far from built to last.

The battle against the poor quality picture frame is on. There are so many high quality alternatives on the market these days there really is no excuse to settle for cheap and nasty supermarket tat. In a era of value for money retail there are still certain things that you should maybe consider paying a little more for.

Pay a little extra for a quality hardwood frame

Where photo frames go to Die!

A high quality, homemade and hand crafted real wood frame will present your photos with an extra touch of class. When real wood is used in the production process it offers real personality and a uniqueness that has been fostered and nurtured over many years. The frames have the personality of the craftsmen transfered into them.

Hardwood is a stunning material to work with and woods such as oak and walnut can produce stunning frames and gifts for all occasions. Luckily in the modern day too this production process is heavily regulated and the sustainability of the woods involved is assured. Illegal logging is unfortunately still a problem but memberships of foundations such as the FSC can help you to trust that the frames and hardwood gifts are being produced within the strict guidelines specified when working towards sustainable forestry.

So the next time you are shopping for a photo frame take a little time to consider the alternatives on offer. Why would you want a cheap and nasty, mass produced, non descript frame devoid of both quality and personality? The real quality comes from a hardwood frame that will last and last and be a a great addition to any home. You may pay a little more but the reward comes from longevity, originality and beauty.

Kids Scooters

Kids Scooters

Scooters for kids have been around for years and years. The difference about the latest round of the craze is that there is a real battle of the brands. The battle of the brands can only be good for consumers as the prices of scooters continue to fall but the innovation and design continues to improve.

Razor scooters are one of the biggest producers of kids scooters

The generic scooter still exists – provided by top end retailers – but more and more brand specific ranges are hitting the market. The relative simplicity of design also mean that they can cater for a very wide age range of consumer starting from only a few years old right up to fully fledged professional riders and stunt performers.

The addition of the electric scooters for kids has also opened up a further sector of the market as these also a much more comfortable and accessible alternative to the manual version. The great thing is that they provide an ideal opportunity to allow less able children (and adults) to join in the fun and activity that a scooter provides.

It is perhaps worth noting that the big brands, such as Razor, Ozzbozz, Blunt, Blazer and JD Bug to name but a few offer no compromise on safety whilst continually over delivering on design innovation. The entry level scooters will be equipped with wider footplates, easier to operate brakes, thiker wheels or even more wheels to ensure that safety is paramount.

As the level of the rider increases then the innovation does likewise. The bearings are high qulaity, brakes top notch and exhaustive tests ensure that the professional grade scooters are able to perform at the highest level, time and time again.

Electric scooters help kids enjoy the fun with not too much effort needed

Staying with the safety aspect of scooter use it’s always important to wear the right protective gear in the same way you would when riding a bike. There are loads of styles, colours and shapes oh helmet out there and at the very least you’d probably be advised to wear knee and elbow pads too, especially if you’re riding fast or on half pipes or street courses. Stay safe and have fun with your scooter.